Marble: more information about this natural stone

The Italian prestigious and valuable marble is mainly used for decoration and coating of exterior or interior areas and surfaces. The best known type of marble is Carrara White, always recognized as a symbol of prestige, style and durability, and extracted since ancient times. We offer, in addition to the Carrara White, a wide selection of natural stones.

The advantages of Italian marble? Here are some unique aspects:

  • High degree of workability
  • high polishing grade
  • high degree of flexibility
  • ease of maintenance
  • resistance to cold
  • style and originality

On our site you can easily buy marble and granite in uae directly from the manufacturer. Before you place your order please contact our specialists to help you choose the stone color and finishing according to the style of the environment and the its final use. We can also create customized products such as stairs, window sills, washbasins, bathtubs, fireplaces, countertops and much more. Stonest, your granite and marble supplier in the UAE.

Custom Marble slabs

Marble slabs generally are a rectangular, semifinished product. The plates are generally processed to obtain a specific size and shape, although they could be used in the original size and shape in the case of specific uses or in the landscape design. Search our online stock for the most suitable color for your project and ask for specific dimensions for each marble slab and customized solutions for each type of application.


Backlighting: Stonest has gone beyond

Posted on 09 Oct 2020

Today, thanks to the collaboration with Apuomarg, we can talk about the integration of light with marble.

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Our online stock is even smarter

Posted on 26 Mar 2020

Our online stock increases its functionalities that we are sure all professionals and more demanding clients will appreciate.

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Natural stone for your architectural projects

Want to create a luxurious atmosphere in your home, work place or leisure room? Natural stone is the right material: it is widely used in exterior design, construction, interior coverings or to create decorative objects. Marble products, granite and onyx are also resistant to low temperatures and they are durable and environmentally friendly. On our website you can buy natural stone in the UAE directly from the manufacturer, which means getting a high quality product while saving time and money. Our specialists will support you in choosing the most suitable product, both slabs and marble tiles, according to the characteristics of the stone you like better and the intended use in the environment you are planning. What are you waiting for? Buy Natural granite stone in the UAE.


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